On - Site Medical

MB Works Coordinators can help you determine if on-site medical services can make financial sense for your business.

A Healthcare provider can be placed at your worksite to coordinate your entire healthcare program and provide:

  • Follow up care

  • Wellness Counselling

  • Immunizations

  • Employee health services

Wellness Program

We can put together a complete wellness program for you employees or simply provide those services you choose.

Total Health Screening Including:

  • Heart Health

  • Pancreas Health

  • Kidney Health

  • Liver Health

  • Thyroid Health

  • Bone Health

  • Physical Measures

  • Path to Better Health

On - Site Medical

MB Works healthcare professionals can create a physical evaluation program designed to save your business money.

Services can include:

  • ADA compliant physical

  • Retrun-to-work physical

  • Executive physical

  • DOT physical

  • Disability physical

Physical Evaluation Program

Our Medical surveillance and screening programs can help keep your worksites health, safe and legally compliant. As a network, we can provide any type of testing your company might require including:

  • Toxicological screening for baseline, periodic or exit testing

  • Vision Screening

  • Urine drug screening

  • Hair drug screening

  • Breath or blood alcohol testing

  • Laboratory testing

  • Pulmonary function testing

  • Medical imaging

  • Assistance with OSHA compliance and company-specific testing

Our healthcare professionals understand and agree that the employer is a valuable client. The medical care of your employee is of utmost importance and the employer’s position is enhanced with our joint ability to manage and control costs. The MB Works Coordinators will provide communication and follow-up on all cases. We support return-to-work programs whenever a patient can safely do so.

Work Injury

Case Coordination services in cooperation with your claims payer will help to reduce loss costs. Our Coordinators provide communication and follow-up on every injury and work-related illness case. Many problems that would increase loss costs can be averted by the Coordinators. For serious injuries and illnessess or other cases that meet established criteria, we work directly with assigned case management nurses and will always correlate our efforts with your claims payor. Our medical case coordination services can include:

  • Frequent communication with employee-patient, employer, treating physician(s), supporting healthcare professionals such as physical therapy and claims payors.

  • Assistance with workers’ compensation claims

  • Assistance with no-work-related disability claims

  • Facilitating patient referrals and second opinion examinations

  • Assistance in creating appropriate return to work options

We feature a streamlined communication system, efficient patient care and a case coordination system that works to reduce loss costs. When a claim occurs, all of our healthcare professionals will be striving to accomplish two goals: Rapid, effective response to your ill or injured worker and specific measures to help you reduce overall loss costs, including lost time days.

Taking Care of Business

MB Works offers a full-service occupational medicine network for illness and injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

We also provide full testing capabilities including ADA compliant physical exams, DOT exams, drug and alcohol testing and OSHA testing requirements.

In response to the changing needs of area employers, our MB Works Team is ready to provide occupational medicine services. We will assist you to create a plan to help your company to reduce workers’ compensation costs, healthcare costs, improve worksite safety, meet regulatory requirements and provide training in a wide spectrum of issues.

We will be act as the liaison for you, your employee, physicians, hospital services and your claims payor.

MB Works can design a custom drug testing program for your workplace.

Whether you require Federal or non-Federal testing, our specialists will helpl you make the most cost effective decisions for your workplace.

Drug Test Pricing

5 Panel Instant Drug Test (We can create any custon panel you require)

from $35.00

DOT Drug Screening

from $45.00

Breath Alcohol Test (No charge for confirmation)

from $25.00

Hair Collection Test

from $25.00

Wellness (Comprehensive Metabolic & Cholesterol)

from $60.00

Employee Physical Rates

DOT Physical

from $65.00

Pre Employment Physical

from $55.00

Return to Work Physical

from $35.00

Custom Physical

call for pricing

MB Works collaborates with all TPA’s. We can work with your laboratory account or you can choose one of ours. We provide full Escreen services.

If you don’t see a required service, please call us at (281) 385-8111